Choose from our range of fresh modern designs for your Wedding, Celebration or Party. We have the largest range in Oceania with all designs created and styled right here in New Zealand.

All our cameras are pre-loaded with genuine Kodak 400 ISO, 35mm, 27 shot film.
Each camera has a built in Flash with batteries included and are perfect for your Day or Night time event.

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When you’re ready to develop your photos you have the option of prints, CD’s or USB Stick. Keepsake your prints in albums or have your photos digitally saved so you can send copies to all your guests or post your pictures on the web.

Our developing is processed to the highest standard by our quality partner company. With our pre-paid coupons you have a choice of:

  • $13.90 per camera for your Photos on CD
  • $15.90 per camera for your Photos on USB
  • $14.90 per camera for one set of Gloss or Matt Prints
  • $21.95 per camera for one set of Gloss or Matt Prints and your Photos on CD.
  • $21.95 per camera for one set of Gloss or Matt Prints and your Photos on USB

Our prices are often less than half of what your local developer will charge you and it’s a quick and easy postal service.

Our developer requires return postage so try to send all your cameras at the same time. 

Our Cameras can also be developed by any photo finisher.

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We have Party Disposable Cameras for birthday parties, functions, events, anniversaries, christenings, school trips, celebrations and many more…

Our All Occasions, Lets Celebrate and Party cameras have been especially designed by us and are pre-loaded with 27 exposure 400 ISO genuine Kodak film and have an inbuilt flash for indoor and night time shots. We use quality new batteries so that your flash works perfectly right to the last shot.

The Party range can be personalised with the Birthday Girl or Boy’s name and age. Each camera comes with a matching personalised table card inviting your guests to be unofficial photographers and explains how to use the cameras and how to point and shoot.

At every table your family and friends will be celebrating your special occasion – don’t risk missing one single smile, hug or silly look. Each Camera belongs to you making sure those candid shots won’t go home on your friends’ cameras or phones.

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