Send us your own wedding design and we’ll create you very own camera design and we can also co-ordinate your stationery too.

Whether you have created your own design, or found a design that inspires you, just send it to us and we’ll create your very own design theme for wedding cameras and stationery. 

Save the Date, Invitations, Tablecards or Thank You cards- all your stationery will have more meaning if it’s your own design theme.

Classic, Retro, Stylish or Fun…

You can still add your own personal touch by choosing one of our Wedding designs and making it your own!  We have Australia’s largest selection of wedding, special occasion and events designs so you can be sure your special day will be original.

Here’s how you can create your very own designs….

Simply email us at and we’ll send you a list of the details we need plus costs and delivery times. It’s easy and affordable.

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