When I first started talking about disposable cameras, most people said “Do they still exist?”

One of the most stylish sophisticated woman I know said, “Yes they’re great, I take them on holiday with me all the time!, I’m not very practical so they are perfect for me and I don’t have to worry about loosing it or someone stealing it when I go for a swim and leave it on my towel at the pool” 

I was holidaying in Japan not long after and at every tourist attraction shop you could see disposable cameras for sale. We all know how much the Japanese like to take photos and there they were, lines of disposable cameras even in this day of digital and phone cameras. 

Today the love of the retro and the analogue – typewriters, records, cassette tapes and of course film are not the hot items for the young and hip.  So it’s no wonder the Disposable Film Camera is making a come back as a popular entertainment for your guests at parties, weddings and corporate functions. 

The retro world has been hot for the last few years now and doesn’t seem to be going away with the young of today growing tried of the perfect edited images of the digital world. Bring back the delayed gratification of the real valued film images.

The Disposable Film Camera offers something the new technology doesn’t – a fun gadget, a limited number of shots on each film, they cannot be modified to make your eyes wider or smile brighter – you cannot delete and take multiple shots till you get the one you like and once the film is used up you have to wait for the film to be developed to see those wonderfully suprising images from within…